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Mayor    Leonard C. Desiderio,
City Council
 Councilperson John J. Divney,
 Councilperson Frank P. Edwardi,
 Councilperson William J. Kehner, 
 Councilperson Jack C. Gibson,
 Councilperson Mary Tighe,
Office of City Clerk   Cindy Griffith,
 Registrar Vital Statistics
Department of Administration   George Savastano,
 Personnel (Human Resources)
Department of Community Development  George Savastano,
 Construction Office
 Planning Board
 Zoning Board
Department of Community Services  Katherine Custer,
Municipal Alliance
Public Relations 
Department of Finance    Paula Doll,
 Beach Tags
 Tax Assessor - Art Berrodin,
 Tax Collector
Department of Law  Paul Baldini
Department of Police  Thomas D’Intino,
 Animal Control
 Code Enforcement
 Emergency Management
 Lines & Signs
Department of Public Works  George Savastano,
Public Works and Public Property 
Water & Sewer
Municipal Court   Carol Fusco,



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