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During the June 13 City Council meeting, Mayor Desiderio told Council that the Cape May County Bridge Commission is hopeful to re-open the Townsends Inlet Bridge to vehicle traffic during the week of June 26. The Mayor also informed Council that Sea Isle City will be one of only two communities in the region that will take part in the official launch of a new safe-driving program, which is the result of a partnership between the John R. Elliott HERO Campaign for Designated Drivers and Uber Transportation. A press conference will be held in Sea Isle’s City Hall at 12:30 p.m. on Monday, June 26, to kick-off the Uber/HERO Summer Discount Ride Program. For more information – or to learn how you can save money and lives while using Uber vehicles this summer – go to

The Mayor also told City Council that he was hopeful they would withdraw Ordinance 1609, which was written to extend the hours music can be played at outside eating and drinking establishments.

During the “Administration’s Report” portion of the June 13 meeting, Business Administrator George Savastano explained that City representatives recently met with members of our business community, who are planning to host a Thursday night event for teenagers at Excursion Park this summer.  Please go to for more info about that event. 

Mr. Savastano also told City Council that the City’s Public Works crews will ensure that Sea Isle’s beach entrances will continually be cleared throughout the summer season. Additionally, the Administrator recommended that the Planning Board adopt the City's Master Plan Re-Examination draft document without the plan’s housing segment, because that portion of the document may require a considerable amount of time to complete. Mr. Savastano also clarified several incorrect statements that had recently been made in a local news publication regarding the T.I. Civic Center, which is in foreclosure.

Following the Administrator’s comments, Council President Kehner announced that the Sea Isle United Methodist Church, located on JFK Boulevard at Park Road, has created a Teen Coffee House called “Matt’s 1820,” which is open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays this summer, from 6:00 p.m. to midnight. For more information about Matt’s 1820 Coffee House, visit them on Instagram and Facebook.

Also during the June 13 City Council meeting, Sea Isle’s Building Official Neil Byrne and Solicitor Paul Baldini delivered a Power Point presentation on Sea Isle’s Floodplain Management Plan – a process that we all hope will lead to even greater discounts on flood insurance premiums for qualified property owners. After Mr. Byrne and Mr. Baldini spoke, Sea Isle City Police Chief Thomas D’Intino updated Council on what is being done to address the crowds of teenagers who loiter on the Promenade at night. The Chief explained that additional officers will be present on the beaches and Promenade this summer, new lighting has been installed on the Promenade seating area at JFK Boulevard, and the Police Department will attempt to track where youngsters hang-out when they are not on the Promenade.

Ordinance 1609, which was the only ordinance on the June 13 meeting agenda, failed to pass City Council.  Therefore, the existing ordinance that permits outdoor bars to play music was not amended, and businesses must continue to turn-off outdoor music at 9:00 p.m.  Additionally, each of the resolutions on the June 13 Consent Agenda was passed.

During the “Pending Business” portion of the June 13 meeting, Councilwoman Tighe asked for an update on the re-surfacing of Landis Avenue (from 72nd to 78th Street), at which time the Business Administrator explained that the County has issued a contract to resurface that stretch of road. 

During the “New Business” portion of the June 13 meeting, Councilman Edwardi requested that additional black tubing (used to prevent Terrapin Turtles from wandering onto roadways) be added to the Sea Isle Causeway. The City’s Business Administrator will contact the County to learn if additional black tubing can soon be installed.

Also during “New Business” on June 13, Councilman Gibson asked his fellow Council members to consider drafting a resolution that could be sent to the New Jersey Turnpike Authority requesting that Exit 17 on the Garden State Parkway be converted from a two-way interchange to a four-way interchange.

During the “Citizen Comment” portion of the June 13 meeting, several property owners stepped to the microphone to express their concerns regarding noise in our downtown business district. A request was made to the Police Department and the City’s Administration to review Sea Isle’s existing noise ordinances and determine if modern electronics (including new speaker systems being used by, businesses, resident and visitors) are emitting higher decibel levels of sound than traditional speakers.

Our next City Council meeting will be on June 27 at 10:00 in Council Chambers, located on the third floor of City Hall. Additionally, Council will host an Inauguration and Re-Organization meeting on Saturday, July 1, at 12 noon in Council Chambers, where City Council will welcome a new member, J.B. Feeley. Additionally, Councilpersons Mary Tighe and Jack Gibson will also take their oaths of office.  We hope to see you there!

Best Regards from the members of City Council,
Council President Bill Kehner
John Divney
Frank Edwardi
Jack Gibson
Mary Tighe

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