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Marriage License Information
Mercantile Application for Business - Renewal - 2018
Mercantile Application for Business-New Business License &Zoning Application - 2018
Mercantile Application for RENTAL Permit - 2018
OPRA Request Form
Ordinance No. 1612 - “Flood Damage Prevention” Adopting Revised Standards and Regulations, Definitions and Flood Maps - As Adopted But Not Codified
Ordinance No. 1613 - Prohibiting Release of Balloons and Sky Lanterns - As Adopted But Not Codified
Ordinance No. 1614 - Amending Handicap Parking, 15 Minutes and One-Way - As Adopted but Not Codified
Ordinance No. 1615 - Amending Various Chapters (update, clarify) - As Adopted but Not Codified
Ordinance No. 1616 - Amending Chapter 15 to Permit Wireless Communication Facilities in the Public Rights-Of-Way- As Introduced
Ordinance No. 1617 - Exceeding the Municipal Budget Appropriation Limits and to Establish a CAP Bank- As Introduced
Ordinance No. 1618 - Amending Various Chapters to Update and Conform to State Statutes- As Introduced
Ordinance No. 1619 - Amending Bond Ordinance 1478 (2010) - As Introduced
Ordinance No. 1620 - Amending Bond Ordinance No. 1566 (2014) - As Introduced
Outside Dining Application
Outside Dining Ordinance
Outside Dining with Alcohol Application
Parking Permit (Seasonal Application) - 2017
Parking Permit (Seasonal Instructions) - 2017
Parking Permit (Weekly Application)- 2017
Parking Permit (Weekly Instructions)- 2017
Vital Record Application
Vital Record Application - Cause of Death Release










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